Gabriella is our copywriter. She creates different copies, both for our site and our customers. Gabi writes all blog posts related to copywriting, social media, and everything general. You can read the articles she wrote here.

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meet the team - Dreamtech

Meet the team

Since the relationship with the customer is such an essential part of our job, we take it very seriously. We want to establish long-term relationships

how to write blog post faster

How to write blog posts faster

Copywriting is much more than just plain text for your site. It shows your customers what your business is while leaving a lasting impression on

How to do SMM for e-Commerce

How to do SMM for e-Commerce

Social networks are becoming increasingly popular, and the number of users is growing day by day. As a result, they have had a significant influence

blog traffic

How to get traffic to your blog

A blog is crucial for the success of a website, but everyone who does it knows it. A blog must have users who follow it