Benefits of having Native Application

Benefits of having Native Application

We live in a world where everything is already digital, so anyone who wants to succeed must invest in their online presence. Each of us uses the Internet, so businesses need to focus on their online presence. Nowadays, we control everything from our smartphones. Mobile applications are an essential part of our lives. Your potential customers use their phones every day, and if you make an application for your business that is useful and they like, you will have a good chance of success. Most companies are already headed in the right direction and have apps, but others still don’t know how to make their app or who to turn to.

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There is no other such thing that affects our lives as mobile devices. They have a massive effect on the way we live, work, communicate, or have fun. It means that the possibilities for mobile applications are countless. There is a chance that everything will succeed. It is the right time to create a mobile application.

We will now look at the benefits of native applications and why to choose them.

What are native applications?

This type of application is for one platform only. These applications are beneficial when you need to develop an application for one of the platforms. This way, you are focused only on the specific platform. You can use all its features and its full potential. When developing cross-platform applications, you need to know both platforms. Know what they have in common and what you can take advantage of. With native applications, it’s a little easier. With them, you focus on only one operating system.

Because iOS and Android are still very different and have different features, it is often preferred to develop native applications. Some of them do better in the market than cross-platforms.

Technologies for cross-platform and native applications are different and require different skills. 

The two main programming languages ​​for iOS are Swift and Objective-C. The most popular and used languages ​​for developing applications for Android today are two – Java and Kotlin. If you want to know more about application development technologies, you can read our blog post.

Why invest in a mobile app?

Nowadays, mobile devices are the easiest way for people and companies to connect to the Internet. Applications make this easy. They provide many new opportunities for different businesses. 

The mobile app is a great new way to grow your brand. It gives you new opportunities and will help you increase your income if it is successful. It allows you to reach the desired audience in a new way. Through it, you will create a new quality relationship between you and your customers. It will make your brand much more recognizable. And the more recognizable your brand is, the easier it will be for consumers to trust you, and the more they will be willing to buy something from you. It will help you grow and reach a larger audience. It will increase your income.

With a quality mobile application, you will improve your online presence. It will help you present yourself as a serious and quality company. In addition, it will win you many new customers and stand out from the competition.

The benefits of native applications

  • Better performance

 Native applications are created and optimized for a single platform. That’s why the application has much better performance. Native applications are much faster and cause much fewer problems. It is because they are created for this platform and in the specific language. It improves productivity. The application is much faster, with fewer bugs and problems, and is more efficient.

  • Security

One thing is for sure – cross-platform applications are much more insecure than native applications. Hybrid applications depend only on the security of the system browser, cross-platform and proprietary applications are protected by different layers of the operating system, which makes them difficult to abuse. They use only the official APIs, which are thoroughly tested in different versions of the system. Problems and restarts are less common. The software is tested and reliable.

  • More interactive and intuitive

The user experience is much better. They work much more smoothly. They are like an integrated part of the device. They are designed for this operating system, which makes them so much better. They adhere to the guidelines, and this improves the user experience. The application is much more natural and works smoothly. There are standards for each operating system, and since the application is only for the specific one, it works much better and is much more intuitive. Users interact much better with the application. It is much easier for them because they already use the given operating system.

  • Fewer mistakes

Another advantage of native applications is that they do not have so many errors. Errors are much less common than cross-platform errors.

It is more difficult to maintain two separate applications in one code base than two applications in two code bases. Since you will not be using a cross-platform tool like Cordova or Xamarin, you can be sure that errors will be rarer.

The main problem with cross-platform applications is that they have a bridge that slows down app-building. It can change and make the user experience worse. This problem is noticed when launching new versions of iOS and Android. Developing hybrid applications is much more complicated and creates many more problems. These problems and delays can occur both during development and after the application has already been created.

  • Access to a full range of features

Because these applications are platform-specific, they can take full advantage of its software and features. These applications have direct access to the device hardware such as GPS, camera, microphone, etc., so they are faster in performance, which ultimately leads to a better user experience. It is the better option because it takes advantage of the full potential and all possible features of the specific platform.

  • Offline use

You can also use native applications offline as opposed to hybrid ones. If you do not have a signal, this is the best option. Planners, organizers, navigators, and even games can perform offline as their content has been already downloaded.

  • Easier to upload to App Stores

Launching an application can sometimes be problematic. It can become a real challenge – app stores may refuse to accept it. To avoid such a situation, the developer must make sure that each point of the application aligns with the guidelines. Since a native app adheres to the regulations of either Android or iOS from the first line of code, the launch is much faster and easier. 

  • Cost

The cost of native applications is a bit more expensive in most cases, but there is an explanation. Having heard all these advantages, you probably understand why they are more expensive. They are much better in terms of performance, efficiency, and user experience. Their level is much higher, and that is why they are more expensive. They also take more time and effort to create. But, although it is more expensive, the native application is worth it. It will be much more efficient. It will bring you more success, and you will get back what you have invested.

The quality of your mobile application is of great importance for its success. It is crucial to invest in a quality application if you want to achieve the best possible results. When the development is high quality and you give valuable content to people, you will achieve success. The best way for your application to succeed is to turn to professionals. They know how to do their job in the best way.

If you are interested in the services we offer for mobile development, you can view them here. If you have questions that we have not answered or need our services, you can contact us. Book your appointment for a free consultation if you want to know how we can help you. 

We at Dreamtech have experience in this field and know how to help you. We know how to create the perfect mobile application that you will fall in love with. We will do it according to your taste and according to your requirements. We will do our best to achieve success.

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