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GigaOm =>> Focused Traffic + Better User Experience
= 66 New Sign-Ups

GigaOm democratizes access to strategic, engineering-led technology research. They enable businesses to innovate at the speed of the market by helping them grasp new technologies, upskill teams, and provide strategic sales training and advisory services to navigate opportunities and challenges. The GigaOm e-learning platform changes the game by unlocking deep technical insight and making upskilling teams accessible to all.

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Elucha =>> 1.8s Load Time + 67% Better SEO
= Higher Rankings

Elucha is a well-established textile manufacturing firm in El Salvador, the center of Central America. They specialize in high-end quality wrestling apparel and clothes, including wrestling masks, long tights, baggy shorts, kick pads, knee pads, custom-made, and more. Elucha is a direct manufacturer, which explains why its prices are so affordable.

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SmartWayToStart =>> Higher uptime + Stress-free website care = More happy clients

A Smart Way To Start is a series of children’s books that offer financial literacy for children. In a very simple yet compelling way, the stories explain important notions of equal pay, financial confidence, sustainability, and impact. The author hopes that the next generation of children will no longer associate money with power, competition, and greed – but rather with positive notions of equality, ethics, and environmental impact.

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City Ride =>> 960% Traffic Increase + 220% More Leads
= 70% More Closed Deals

City Ride is a shop for electric and gasoline scooters (mopeds). They are the official representatives of NIU and SYM brands. In addition to electric and gas scooters, they also offer all kinds of accessories.
NIU is the world’s fastest-growing electric motorcycle manufacturer. It is a newly established brand that aims to bring a new style to urban mobility.

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Pure CBD =>> 68% Increase in AOV + 24% Decrease in CPC
= 8x ROI

Pure CBD’s mission is to help as many people as a possible escape from everyday stress, feel better, and live healthier lives. And this is entirely possible with Pure CBD natural products. They are 100% organic, pesticide-free, lab-tested, and of certified quality.

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Ozoneair =>> 4X Sales + 3.3 Faster Page Loading Time
= 46% More Engagements

Ozoneair is a tech start-up based in Lulea, Sweden, creating value for their customers by purifying the air in their home or office environment.

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Linbit =>> 34% More Engagements + 42% SEO Improvement
= 199% More Leads

Linbit is a leading provider of software-defined storage, high availability, and disaster recovery software based in Europe with clients all over the world.

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Idea Home =>> 600% Increase In ROI + 50% More Traffic
= Higher Conversions

Idea Home is a Bulgarian construction and investment company. Their team has been designing, investing, and building first-rate residential buildings in Sofia for 10 years. Тheir mission is the satisfaction of their clients.

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Bare CBD =>> 7.8% Bounce Rate + 1.2 X Faster Page Loads
= 4X Sales

Bare CBD is an authentic, all-natural, sustainable provider of full spectrum CBD oils based in the United States. A relatively new company in a newer industry, their mission is education and quality products.

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Frequently asked questions

We love when our clients ask us questions. Check out some of the most common questions our customers inquire about regarding our services.

Hiring a digital agency is the best way to ensure that your business stays on top of its game and is competitive in today’s ever changing digital world. We, at Dreamtech, can provide you with expert marketing consulting, website builds, content creation, and a marketing plan to help control advertising costs while saving time and effort by eliminating higher costs of hiring specialists for each area separately.

When you are looking to refresh your brand image, a partial website redesign is often the best decision. A partial redesign may include: changing the logo, updating the theme and colors, changing the main background, the photos, and changing the colors of the font or buttons.

Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform that gives advertisers the best opportunity to reach their audience. They can place ads both in search engine results and on websites outside of Google, such as mobile apps or videos (Display). The remarketing feature allows you to advertise for conversions at specific points during users’ journeys across all channels so it’s important not only to have an optimized website but also high-converting content.

With Google Ads, advertisers can bid on two different types of advertisements: Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and Non-search websites. The best part is that you only pay when someone clicks your ad! This means we have the opportunity to make high conversion optimized ads for our clients with precision targeting capabilities through remarketing campaigns which allow us great flexibility in terms of where they want their messages delivered

Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing and improving your online content so that it shows up as one of the top search results when people enter certain keywords. This makes you more visible on Google, Bing or Yahoo! SEO is used for both business websites, and blogs to increase their online visibility. Higher SEO rankings allow a website to be shown higher in the search engines like Google and Bing.

Sales copywriting is more than just words on paper. It’s an art that captures the attention of your target audience and motivates them to take action, whether they’re new or old customers who have been with you since day one. When we, at Dreamtech, write content for your website we write in such a way as the sales copy clearly describes what your company does for both your existing clients to attract them and potential ones to engage them.

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