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Executive Summary

Idea Home needed our help to convert their traffic into sales. The traffic they had was good, but it didn’t help them increase their income. That’s why our specialists bettered their ads to be more relevant to their audience. We helped them increase the conversion rate and improve the profits.

The Challenges

Idea home had good traffic, but it was not enough to convert visitors into leads. They had not analyzed their audience, so they could not offer relevant content. They needed to improve their ad campaigns to get better results. The main challenge for us was to make engaging and valuable content that will increase their conversion rate.

About the Client

Idea Home is a Bulgarian construction and investment company. For more than 10 years now, their team has been designing, investing, and building first-rate residential buildings in Sofia. Тheir mission is the satisfaction of their clients.
It was a pleasure to work with Dreamtech. The first digital agency that actually brought us real results and kept its promise. Totally recommended!

Kalinka Doycheva


The solution for their problems started with analyzing existing ads and traffic. Our experts analyzed all previous campaigns to find out where the mistakes were and how to correct them. Our team researched their target audience segments and considered their interests and behavior. Then we created different types of content and customized them to the needs of their audience. We made relevant ads that helped convert more visitors into leads. We researched the competitors and their ad campaigns so we could improve ours. And all these steps have helped us solve the problems and improve the profits of Idea Home.


Our clients were very pleased with the results because they were very satisfying. We boosted brand awareness and increased the conversion rate almost instantly. They had 600x times the return of their investment in a month. We made better ad campaigns, and therefore, the company has received more traffic and converted many visitors into leads.

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