How we achieved a 960% increase in traffic and a 220% increase in inquiries for a startup business

City Ride x Dreamtech

960% Traffic Increase


220% More Leads

70% More Closed Deals

Executive Summary

The City Ride team was looking for SEO specialists to help grow their brand and improve their rankings. They wanted to increase their revenue and drive more traffic. Despite the difficulties, our team of experts managed to do everything City Ride wanted.

The Challenges

The challenges were many because the brand was new and needed a lot of work. They needed more site traffic, and the competition was intense. We had to build a comprehensive SEO strategy and start from 0. It was difficult to fight the competition, but anything can be achieved with the right strategy and quality execution.

About the Client

City Ride is a shop for electric and gasoline scooters (mopeds). They are the official representatives of NIU and SYM brands. In addition to electric and gas scooters, they also offer all kinds of accessories. NIU is the world’s fastest-growing electric motorcycle manufacturer. It is a newly established brand that aims to bring a new style to urban mobility. SYM is Taiwan’s largest manufacturer of mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs. It also manufactures light commercial vehicles for trade and distribution and cars distributed under the Hyundai brand in East Asia.

Plamen Zlatkov


First, we started with competitor and keyword analysis. After that, we started building a strategy suitable for them and their startup business. We added meta descriptions and H1 titles and changed URLs to friendly URLs. We directed them to the right keywords that would bring them success.


The results started coming quickly after we started working. Inquiries increased at the beginning, and in a few months, they increased by 220%. We were able to improve their revenue and increase sales by 70%. The site’s traffic has improved many times since the beginning of our work. After a few months, the traffic increased by 960%. The clients were happy with the results we were able to achieve together.

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