How we achieved better traffic quality and better leads through website development

GigaOm x Dreamtech

Focused Traffic

66 New Sign-Ups

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Executive Summary

GigaOm contacted our team because they needed a website that could bring them better results. They wanted us to develop a website that was faster and more targeted to their audience. They needed better-targeted traffic that would bring them more revenue.

The Challenges

The challenges were many because we had to do a very in-depth study of their audience. We started researching their competitors to come up with a good strategy. It took a lot of time to analyze and target their audience properly because this business niche is specific.

About the Client

GigaOm democratizes access to strategic, engineering-led technology research. They enable businesses to innovate at the speed of the market by helping them grasp new technologies, upskill teams, and provide strategic sales training and advisory services to navigate opportunities and challenges. The GigaOm e-learning platform changes the game by unlocking deep technical insight and making upskilling teams accessible to all.

William M.


We always start with an analysis of the website and its statistics. We discussed with the client what they wanted to improve and what results they expected to achieve. We developed a plan that met their criteria and started developing the website.


The results were very good thanks to the skills of our team. We managed to achieve the desired results with their help. They did a brilliant job developing the perfect website for our client. We reduced the dropout rate, and it’s led to more profits. Our customers were more than happy because we developed the site they wanted, raised brand awareness, and increased their revenue. Thanks to us, they turn more and more visitors into potential customers.

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