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Executive Summary

A large WordPress management company maintained the website before the client contacted us. The customer was unsatisfied with the services that the company was providing him. He was looking for a company that would take proper care of its customers and pays attention to them. The company she had previously worked with had a lack of communication that interfered with their work together.Since the beginning of the subscription, we have achieved 99.99% uptime. It is because of our experts. The client is entirely satisfied with our services and efforts. We maintain good communication with our customers to know what they like and what they don’t. It is how we manage to achieve the best results.

The Challenges

When the client contacted us and told us his story, it became clear that this would be a great challenge for us. Website care is one of the services we offer to all our clients and we are very proud of our results. However, this client used the services of a large company and was not satisfied. It was a big challenge for us to compete with a company that was bigger than us. However, we managed to achieve much better results than them. We care about our customers and our communication with them. We believe that this is the most important thing, and that is why we are achieving such success. The challenges for our team were many, but thanks to our skills and professionalism, they were all overcome.

About the Client

A Smart Way To Start is a series of children’s books that offer financial literacy for children. In a very simple yet compelling way, the stories explain important notions of equal pay, financial confidence, sustainability, and impact. The author hopes that the next generation of children will no longer associate money with power, competition, and greed – but rather with positive notions of equality, ethics, and environmental impact.Often women feel less financially confident than men in money management. Little girls tend to receive less pocket money than little boys, so there is a gender pay gap at a very early age. Little girls need to know that there is no reason to earn less than a boy for the same job done equally well. So the author decides to find a playful way to convey important money messages about equality, earning, saving, spending, and sustainability to young children, and girls in particular. And so these four stories of financial confidence for children are born.

Leela P.


We always start with an analysis of the website and its statistics. We discussed with the client what she wants to improve on his site and what are the results he expects to achieve. We developed a plan that met his criteria and optimized the website. There was a much lower uptime, which we managed to improve and achieve 99.99%. We exceeded the client’s expectations with these results. We fixed all the problems on the site and optimized it. All of this has helped improve the user experience and conversion rate. Higher uptime guarantees more revenue and more satisfied customers.


We have achieved great results for the time we work together. We were able to clear errors and optimize the site. Now it works better than ever. We achieved 99.89% uptime for the website. That made our customers very happy. It is the desired result that she has not been able to achieve so far. The previous company she worked with failed to achieve good results and did not maintain good communication, which the client did not like. We at Dreamtech care a lot about our customers, and we think that communication is crucial for a successful collaboration. The customer always comes first, and we want her to always be satisfied.

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