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Executive Summary

Ozoneair needed our help to fix the problems on their website and improve the user experience. We solved the problems and improved the conversion rate. Our help increased their profits and bettered the user experience.

The Challenges

The challenges were many, from site speed to user experience, but they were all solved with the competence and skills of our experts. The user experience was very bad because the website was slow and had many issues. One of the biggest challenges was educating users about the benefits of ozone technology with enough information. The visitors were confused about what Ozoneair is and didn’t understand if the products are easy to use. Due to all these problems, the conversion rate was very low.

About the Client

Ozoneair is a tech start-up based in Lulea, Sweden, creating value for their customers by purifying the air in their home or office environment. With catering to both B2C and B2B markets, these air purifiers transform oxygen into ozone that attacks and eliminates bacteria, allergens, and micro-organisms in the air. Only around 2017 this technology became available to the general public thanks to Ozoneair launching an easy-to-use product with a user-friendly interface.
“Quick and easy to work with. Very helpful and skilled in all sorts of questions. Highly recommended! ”

Katharina Saalo


The solution for their problems started with analyzing their website and the current statistics. There was a high percentage of visitor drop-off rate on the homepage, so one of the goals was to redesign and optimize the page. We fixed all of the pages on the website. Fixing the issues of the site helped to increase the speed. We made an interactive user interface that makes valuable information easy to understand and made the user interactions with the website better. All of that helped with improving the user experience and the conversion rate.


We managed to achieve the desired results with the help of our experts. That made our clients very happy. We increased the speed of the website and fixed all of the issues. Our work has helped the user experience. We boosted brand awareness and increased the conversion. The company increased its profits by converting many visitors into leads and.

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