Does Google Ads work for small businesses?

Does Google Ads work for small businesses?

In today’s blog post, we will talk about Google Ads and whether they are necessary for small businesses in 2022. Nowadays, we all use the Internet to find everything we need. Everyone uses Google to search for a product or piece of information. It is the easiest place to discover what you’re looking for. If you have a website, this is the easiest way for people to find you.

If you’re a business and you’re not spending money on Google, you are doing something wrong. Focus on a handful of keywords and save money while converting better. Optimize your conversions by giving prospects a unique message for one keyword or a small group.

Any business can get good results from Google Ads as long as they use them correctly. A large percentage of people with businesses decide to manage their PPC campaigns. 

Many people believe that setting up and managing PPC ads is simple, but it is not. Anyone can run a campaign, but not everyone will set it up properly. Many people find it difficult to set it up successfully. In our blog, you can learn about 10 mistakes to avoid when setting up a Google Ads campaign.

What is PPC?

Let’s start with the most important thing – what exactly is PPC? What does it mean, and what are the most important things you need to know? To find out all the details about this type of ad, what they are, and why they are so important, you can read our blog post dedicated to them. 

The abbreviation PPC comes from Pay-per-click. What does this mean? It is an ad campaign where you pay only for the clicks. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay a certain amount. 

The cost per click depends on many things, such as audience, time, location, etc. Below, we will explain how the price is determined and what to pay attention to. It is crucial to set up the campaign correctly because sometimes it turns out that you pay more money than necessary.

PPC ads in Google (or Google Ads) are the results that appear at the top of search engines, and next to them are marked as ads in a darker font. If you wonder which is better to invest in, you can read our article The advantages of PPC and SEO – which to choose? We discuss the advantages and disadvantages, for whom they are suitable, and which to choose.

Google Ads are the most popular and widespread paid ads. After all, Google is the most used search engine. Nowadays, everyone is looking for everything there. 

Google Ads was developed by the Google online advertising marketplace, where merchants compete to display short ads, service offers, product lists, or videos to web users. It can insert ads in search engine results, such as Google Search (Google search network) and non-search pages, smartphone apps, and videos (Google Display Network). You can find out what Display Ads are on our blog.

Are Google Ads worth it for small businesses?

Google Ads can help you get found online, which is what you need when you’re a small business starting up. So the short answer is, yes, it’s worth it!

Google Ads work for anyone as long as they know how to set up their campaign. If you use the right strategy, you will be successful whether you are a small, medium, or large company.

Paid ads are a great way for businesses to increase brand awareness, get more traffic to their site, and generate more sales while being able to track results.

Should I use Google Ads for my brand?

The most used search engine is Google. Nowadays, we all use Google to search for anything we need. There is no reason not to use or at least try Google Ads.

It will only provide you with more profits. It can boost profits and earnings while making it easier to find buyers.

You can attract a much larger number of users and future clients with the use of Google Ads. The best part is that you are reaching out to the right audience.

Many people are confused as to why Google Ads should be used instead of SEO. Both, in our opinion, should be used for the best and most certain success.

However, you can get quicker results with Google Ads. SEO results take a long time to appear. Google Ads, on the other hand, get results easily.

Among other things, traffic from Google Ads would almost certainly outperform organic traffic. It is more likely since paying search traffic is more focused and qualified, and searches that result in ad clicks are far more likely to be commercial than informative.

However, one thing to remember is that Google Ads must be done right. There will be no outcome if they are not run correctly. It is best to hire a professional who knows what he is doing with this.

It will save a significant amount of time and resources. Anyone who wants to run adverts for their business on their own but is not an expert in Google AdWords faces the risk of losing a lot of money. The basic rules are simple to find, but the complex factors and tools used are difficult to understand and practice. Creating eye-catching copy, reaching the audience, putting budgets, and all the other “little things” are difficult and can either scale or destroy the business.

Cost-per-click (CPC)

The more clicks you have on your ad, the more money you will pay, but you will reach more people.

Everything happens in the form of an auction. Everyone gives the biggest possible offer, which they are ready to pay and depending on that, it is decided where their advertisement will be placed. Then there is a formula that calculates the final price you have to pay.

(Competitor’s Ad Rank/Your Quality Score) + 0.01 = Ultimate CPC.

You are probably wondering what these things are:

Ad Rank: This determines where your ad will appear. Determines the position and page of the search engine. Equal to Maximum Bid x Quality Score

Quality Score: This is the evaluation that search engines give your ad based on your clickthrough rate (CTR)—measured against the average CTR of the ads in that position—the relevance of your keywords, the quality of your landing page, and your previous effectiveness of SERP.

In our blog, you can learn how to keep Google Ads costs under control.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large company, PPC ads can help you as long as they are set up and managed properly. Invest in this type of advertising, and you will not regret it. 

We at Dreamtech have a lot of experience in this field and know how to help you. If you are interested in our services, you can view them here. Our process includes analyzing the audience, researching keywords, and converting traffic into conversions. We prepare a personalized plan for you to succeed. 

You can read about what Google Ads is, how it works and why it’s so important on our blog. If you have additional questions, you can always contact us or book an appointment for a free consultation. This way, you can easily and quickly find out what we can do for you and how we will help you grow your business.

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