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Оur Google Ads Agency specialists are technically and creatively skilled to turn your brand into a household name. Our client’s results speak for themselves. We have the experience and creativity to produce results that will make even critics say “you’re doing good!”.


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We have the tools to increase your visibility on Google. We specialize in Google Advertising and Display Ad optimisation services to create Google ads that get the click and are guaranteed to give your brand more visibility with reliable revenue month after month.


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We are easy to work with and our company believes your needs should come first. We are professionals and are here to work with you and ensure we deliver what we promise. Our #1 priority is our 100% customer satisfaction and we back it up with a 100% money back guarantee.


Better Google ads targeting results in profits

Google Adwords is the world’s most powerful advertising platform that reaches targeted customers all around the world. But, optimizing your Google ads to tap into this huge pool of customers can be difficult. It is vital to get the right keywords in your ad, and get the ad in front of the right customers that are ready and willing to buy from you. Proper Google Adword campaign optimization can allow you to reach more customers at a more affordable price.

Schedule a free Google Adwords consultation with us. Our professional Google Ads Agency Experts will conduct an audit. We will work with you to make your Google ads convert higher at a lower cost. Get the professional Google Ad expertise your business needs.


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Effective Google ads to catch your audience's attention

Gaining brand recognition on Google can significantly boost your position as an authority in your niche. Customers buy from brands they recognize and love. We understand Google’s algorithms and have proven strategies to overcome the high cost of ads. We create valuable, well-structured ad campaigns to drive your brand’s reach and boost the number of click-throughs that results in sales of your products and services.

Using remarketing to turn traffic into significantly increased sales

Remarketing to people who have seen your product and passed on it is an excellent tactic, because they have already shown interest in your products. Retargeting makes getting a sale much easier and significantly lowers the

Google Display Ads offers another excellent remarketing opportunity. Display advertising easily catches your target audience’s attention. We offer all the ad types to engage your audience including: display advertising, text ads, image ads, rich media ads, and video ads.

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Before Dreamtech: Website is out-dated, loads slow and sales are slumping. It’s tough to figure out how to fix it. After Dreamtech: Every web page loads fast, sales are steadily rising and you feel good because your website is in good hands.

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Frequently asked questions

We love when our clients ask us questions. Check out some of the most common queries our customers inquire about regarding our web design solutions.

Google Ads is a platform for advertising which is fully online. The best thing is that Google is the biggest and most used Search Engine throughout the world. There the advertisers bid to display advertisements, service offerings, products, or videos to web users. It can place ads both in the results of search engines like Google Search and on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos ( Display Ads).

The biggest feature is that you are paying only when someone clicks on your ads. That helps us to make high-conversion ads and optimize them.

The platform is giving us the best opportunity to make precise targeting on the web. We can direct the ads to any group of people for which Google has any information. The remarketing is allowing us to make ads for the bottom of the funnel and therefore to make more conversions value.

Google ads are completing the process. Now your business messages could show almost everywhere.

There are some different types of display advertising: Text Ads, Image Ads, Rich Media Ads, Video Ads.

Expanding our potential reach is great for the top of the funnel so we could catch the audience’s attention.

Google Ads can run for only a month and then we will have conversions ( if everything is created and set up correctly) which mean we can get results as fast as possible and boost our business.
Search Engine Optimisation is a complex site that needs a lot of time to get results, especially for highly-trafficked niches. SEO is a good way to get conversions because you are not paying for them but it needs a lot of work and time. Reaching top rankings could not even be possible sometimes if your website is not optimized well.

Because of the high competition in this type of advertising, there are some rules. The way to conversions and good results is very complex.
One of the main things is the “Quality Score” and there are a lot of factors for it:
– Keyword relevancy
– Ad relevance
– Click-through Rate
– Landing Page
– Historical Performance
– User experience
– Bid

If a person who is not a PPC Expert tries to run the ads for his business himself it can cost him a lot of money. The basic rules can be easily found but the complex factors and every tool which is needed are hard to learn and practice. Creating eye-catching copy, targeting the audience, putting Budgets, and all of the other “small things” is hard and could scale your business up or undermine the business.


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