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Google Analytics

Google Analytics and Google Ads are two excellent tools for assisting your company’s growth. The reports available in Google Analytics are more than sufficient for creating the ideal ad campaign. Today, we will specifically discuss these two Google tools.

Google Ads is one of the main marketing channels for many e-commerce companies. You’re doing something wrong if you have a business and don’t pay for Google Ads. Focus on a few keywords and save money while converting better. Optimize your conversions by giving your potential customers a unique message for a keyword or small group.

Google Analytics will be of great use to you for both PPC and everything else. This free tool will help you understand ​​how your website is performing. It gives you an idea of ​​how users interact with your website and with each page of it. It helps you understand what users like and don’t like.

Google Analytics has a variety of reports that can help you. In today’s blog post, we will comment on the most important of them.

Google analytics

Site Speed ​​Report

Behavior> Site Speed> Overview

Google can tell you which pages are loading slowly and partly why. Slow pages are a problem because people are less likely to stay on your page if it loads too long. Slow loading has a bad effect on SEO as well as your conversions. Google will also give you suggestions on improving your site’s speed. When viewing this report, you can also see the average page load time per page and browser. You can also see how fast your pages load in different countries. It is helpful information, especially when targeting deferent countries. With the help of these reports, you will be able to improve the loading and the entire website for certain browsers that need it. The faster the load time, the better chance your website has to get more conversions. The loading speed of a site is key to its success. To a large extent, your conversions depend on speed.

Google Analytics - site speed report


Behavior> Site Content> All Pages

The Traffic Report (Pages in Google Analytics) looks at the pages that receive the most traffic to your website. It also shows metrics such as site time and dropout rate.

Because so many people come to your website through these pages, keep a current list and review them regularly. When there is a problem with them, fix it quickly. But just because a page gets a lot of traffic doesn’t mean it’s effective.

Google Analytics - traffic report

Mobile Device Report

Audience> Mobile> Overview

Nowadays, everyone uses a mobile device. We do almost everything through our smartphones. Much of the traffic that your website receives is through mobile devices. It needs to be optimized. If your website is not mobile-friendly, users won’t stay long to read about your company or offers. Not only that, but Google will penalize you by lowering your ranking if your website is not compatible with mobile devices. The Mobile Report will show you opportunities to improve your mobile site, which can lead to increased traffic and rankings. It will bring you more revenue.

GA - mobile device report

Landing Pages

Behavior> Site Content> Landing Pages

With the help of this report, you can see which pages the users of the site interact with the most, and this gives you an idea such as the dropout rate,% of new sessions, new users, etc. The data it provides can give you enough information about where you need to focus your efforts. For example, if a page has a much higher dropout rate, then you can research to find out why.

GA for landing pages

Channels Report

Acquisition> All Traffic> Channels

With the information in this report, you can see how much of your traffic comes from specific paid to unpaid channels – organic, paid, direct, recommended, and even social media. From there, you can see how many users you’ve had, how long they’ve stayed on your page, and whether they’ve converted your site based on goal tracking. It is crucial to know these statistics because you need to know what channels to optimize.

Google Analytics - channel report

Conversion report and goals

Conversions> Goals> Overview

The Conversion Report shows you how each goal you track on your website is presented, including any configured conversion funnels. It is probably one of the most crucial reports because without achieving these goals you can not be successful. You can set up specific interactions, such as submitting forms and downloads to track goals. In this report, you can see which pages are driving conversions and which channels they’re coming from, and you can set time frames that you want to analyze.

Google Analytics - Conversion report and goals

These are some of the essential reports and analyses you can get from Google Analytics. This tool is crucial and helpful for any business. It can help you grow and succeed. Thanks to these reports, you can achieve much more. If you have additional questions, you can always contact us or book your appointment for a free consultation. This way, you can easily and quickly find out what we can do for you and how we will help you grow your business.

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