How to grow your YouTube followers

YouTube Followers

YouTube is all about subscribers, and one of the key metrics to measure success on this platform is the number of YouTube Followers on your channel. More subscribers mean more views of your videos.

Increasing your YouTube followers can increase your views, increase brand awareness and help you sell more.

Getting YouTube followers takes a lot of work. If you’re counting on posting videos and the followers coming on their own, you’re going to be disappointed.

At 1000 subscribers, creators get the most benefits from their presence on YouTube. They are eligible for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which allows creators to monetize their videos with ads. Plus, hitting the other requirement – 4,000 hours of viewing – makes entering YPP super easy.

In this blog post, we will give you some tips on how to increase your YouTube followers.

Create engaging and informative content

If you want people to watch your video, you need to create content that is engaging and informative. Most users don’t like to waste their time. They prefer to watch videos with content that can be helpful to them.

Build your content around a specific audience. It will make it easier for you to make your videos engaging and interesting. You will know what information that particular audience needs and be able to provide it to them.

Make sure you plan your video script so that all relevant points are covered and you don’t overwhelm viewers with unnecessary information. If you think there is too much information in one video, split it into several videos. That way, you’ll be able to give them the information they need without making the clip too long.

Create and post videos often

No doubt, creating and posting videos frequently helps increase your subscribers. People won’t want to subscribe to your channel if you haven’t posted in a long time.

It is one of the most frequently mentioned tips. Most people are familiar with this and know that they should post often.

According to the Social Media Examiner, YouTube channels that post more than once a week perform better than those that don’t.

Targeted keywords

It is a practice you are familiar with if you understand SEO. Just like you would when optimizing the written content, you will use an SEO tool to first identify the keywords you want your video to focus on. In our blog, you can learn more about keyword analysis. In YouTube SEO, the principle is the same.

In addition to the title of the video, it is good to put keywords in the file name. YouTube can read the file name of your video and all the code that comes with it when it is uploaded. This way, he will know what audience it is suitable for. Depending on the name of your file, YouTube will know what your keyword is and offer your video to the right audience.

The thumbnail should attract the attention

Like the SERP, in which people choose a link based on their meta description when people decide to watch a video, their choice is based mainly on thumbnails.

It should attract the attention of the audience. It should be appropriate for the audience you want to attract and for your video. It must be of high quality and look good.

YouTube will use something from your video if you don’t have a thumbnail. However, this can be bad and not attract anyone. You never know what YouTube will cut. The photo may not be suitable for either the video or the audience. So you can lose a lot of traffic.

Tag your video with popular keywords related to your topic

It is crucial not to use words that have nothing to do with your topic. Use only ones that are appropriate for your video. It will give you much more success.

The official YouTube Creator Academy allows you to use tags to tell viewers what your video is about. You are not only informing your viewers—but you are also informing YouTube itself. This way, YouTube knows what famous topics your video is related to and will recommend it much more often to the right audience.

YouTube will penalize you if you use fake words for this, so be careful and choose carefully.

Create high-quality videos

People don’t like watching videos with bad audio and video. If you have a professional video, people will take you seriously and engage with your videos.

We have already mentioned that users do not like to waste their time; they prefer to watch high-quality videos with fascinating topics. If you want them to engage with your content, it must be of high quality.

Make sure you record your video in a quiet environment with no ambient background noise. Use good recording equipment so that the sound is clear. One of the worst things is uploading videos with poor sound quality.

Stabilize your videos with a tripod and shoot your videos horizontally. These are essential things that you should not ignore. Also, it would be nice to use lights and choose a nice background.

Offer subtitles in several languages

It is recommended that you always have English subtitles. It increases your audience. You can reach many more people who understand you.

However, YouTube is watched by all viewers. Most of them are not English-speaking. Not everyone understands if the subtitles are only in English. Adding subtitles in other languages ​​will allow many more people to enjoy your videos. You will reach an even larger audience.

Search engines will also index your translated caption files and include your video in search results in those languages. It can be huge for a YouTube SEO strategy, as you have a better chance of ranking higher for non-English keywords due to lower competition. But if you do not speak these languages, ​​it is crucial to watch for accuracy. Make sure everything you write is true and correct.\

Engage with your audience 

When you interact with your viewers, it gives them a sense of satisfaction. It increases the chances of people wanting to subscribe to your channel. This is why engaging with your audience is critical to increasing your YouTube followers.

If someone takes the time to watch your video, thank them at the end of the video and give them an idea of where to go for more information.

Encourage your viewers to comment and give feedback on your video. Learn from the reviews and incorporate that feedback into your video. You can always get new ideas from your viewers and create new videos based on their comments.

To establish yourself as a pro on YouTube, you need to get more subscribers. The only way to do this is by creating quality content.

We hope our tips were helpful to you.

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