How to write blog posts faster

write blog posts faster

Copywriting is much more than just plain text for your site. It shows your customers what your business is while leaving a lasting impression on them. It attracts them and makes them take the action you want from them. In addition to attracting new customers, it retains existing ones. But all this can only happen if your copy is high quality and well written. It must be clear, compact, and concise to arouse customer interest. It should be meaningful but interestingly written.

A blog is crucial for the success of a website, but everyone who does it knows it. For a blog to be successful, there must be users who can read it, but it takes a lot of work to earn them.

A quality blog article is time-consuming. We need to have experience and be able to write well to cope with this task. Often people do not have time for this and decide to outsource their copywriting. You can read Should We Outsource Copywriting on our blog. If you have decided to write your blog, we will give you some tips on how to do it faster.

how to write blog post

Create a plan

It is crucial to have a plan to follow. If you wait until the last minute to start, it will be much harder, and you will be much slower. If you want to write your blog posts quickly, definitely pay attention to the plan because you will know what and when you need to do, you will know what you want to write, and when you sit down to write, things will happen much faster.

Get acquainted with the topic in advance, take out the main points you need to write about, and only then start writing on each of them. Once you have done the research and have a plan, inspiration will come much easier. You will start writing very quickly, and you will also be able to finish the whole blog post quickly.

create plan for your blog post

First write, then edit

If you edit while writing, everything happens much more slowly. The best advice is to write down everything that comes to your mind. Write it in the form of text, points, and subpoints, and only after you have written everything down start editing it. Focus first on writing down the essential things and presenting the main idea, and only then edit and put it in order.

take notes

Make a list of keywords in advance

Analyze the keywords in advance on the topic you are going to write about. Keywords are crucial for a successful blog post and need a lot of attention. However, you must create a list in advance. Don’t start looking for keywords once you’ve started writing a blog post because that’s how you forget how far you’ve come and lose consistency. You will do it much faster if you have a list to follow in advance. You can learn how to add SEO keywords to your blog post here.

list of keywords for the perfect blog post

Find the best time

Some people do better in the morning, and others do better at night. It is crucial to find the best time for you. Find out when you’re doing best when your inspiration comes. If you find it hard to write in the morning, try in the middle of the day or evening. It may be more appropriate for you. , You will do it much faster when you find the correct time to write.

the best time to writing

Set a deadline

It is crucial to set a deadline for writing and publishing a blog post. So you are much more focused on this task. You know how long you have to do it, and you do it. If you don’t have a deadline, you can probably write it in two weeks.

Make a calendar to set dates for uploading a blog post and set a deadline for this post to be ready at least one day in advance. It will make you much more focused. And the shorter the deadline, the more focused you will be on getting the job done and writing faster.

set a deadline

Outsource some of the posts

If you do not want to outsource all your copywriting, there is an option to do it with only part of your blog posts. You can hire someone to do the work for you if you think you are not doing fast enough or not achieving the desired success. It will make it easier for you, and things will happen much faster. In our blog post for outsourcing your copywriting you can find what your options are and their pros and cons. If you are interested in copywriting or our SEO services, check them out on our website.

Outsourcing your copywriting is sometimes the best thing you can do. It will save you a lot of time and nerves.


The blog is a crucial part of the website. It can help a lot in the development of your business. Attracting high-value traffic to a new blog is not easy, but it is achievable if you approach it with the right strategy and plan. Read our blog post if you want to know how to drive traffic to your blog.

We understand how complex and time-consuming it is to create great content, so we’ve created a service that can help people focus on what they know and do best, leaving the writing to us. Everything about copywriting can be found on our blog, and copywriting services on our site.If you have questions that we have not answered, you can contact us or make an appointment for your free consultation. We at Dreamtech are always ready to help you.

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