Types of pagination – how to choose the most appropriate?

types of pagination

Content is crucial for a website. However, not enough attention is paid to its structure, which is paramount. You can make the content much more user-friendly with proper page separation on your site.

There are several types of pagination, and each is suitable for different sites. Facebook and YouTube, for example, use limitless scrolling, but this type is not perfect for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll look at what types of pagination there are and how to choose the most suitable.

Types of pagination

Pagination: Users can navigate between pages of results using links such as “next” and “previous” or by clicking on page numbers.

Load More: To extend the initial set of results, users can click on “load more” buttons.

Infinite scroll: With infinite scroll, users can keep scrolling to the end of the page to load more content.

types of pagination


Breaking a large amount of content into pages is called pagination. This way of structuring content has many advantages. It’s useful for most sites because it doesn’t overload the user with content.

Pagination helps you give structure and hierarchy to your website content, which can be beneficial for your SEO.

You give your customers a convenient way to browse site content and easily return to the products they are interested in. This way is much more convenient. Information is classified and well organized, making it easy for users.

The most common example of pagination is the product pages in the categories of online e-commerce stores. Websites with many products in the same category often use pagination to display them on multiple pages.

Whether it is a mobile page or a desktop version, the web design of the pages will work well for the user in both cases. Not only does this element make it easy to navigate through a large stream of content, but it’s also great for moving between groups of products.

Pagination is ideal for websites that prioritize usefulness, as each set of results has its page and URL that are easy to remember and share with page numbers.

Pagination is best suited for blogs or some type of e-commerce.



  • More organized content
  • Easier to share a link to a specific product page
  • Useful for SEO
  • Easy navigation and search


  • The content is divided into different pages
  • You must load a new page to view more results
  • An older method that is not as intuitive
  • Many users only view the first page

Load more

The load more button is most often used in mobile applications because it is very mobile-friendly. It is preferred over pagination in these situations. Even Google and Google Images use a load more button to display search results and images on mobile devices.

To find a result, the user only needs to keep clicking on the button and does not need to change pages. It reduced spawn waiting time.

This method is more intuitive than pagination, which is why it is preferred in mobile applications. If you want users to easily reach the footer, this method is also quite suitable.

load more


  • Uses one page for all content
  • Can inform the user of the total amount of the result (on or near the button)


  • It cannot process a large number of results because all the results are included on one web page
  • It is more difficult for users to remember the position of a particular result, and it will be more difficult for them to find it afterward

Infinite scroll

Infinite scroll is a pagination technique that allows content to load continuously as the user scrolls down the page. In this way, according to some designers, the site owner can keep the user’s attention as long as possible. That’s why it is used by most social networks.

This type of pagination also has some major disadvantages, such as the fact that it is harmful to SEO because GoogleBot has a limited time to crawl a page. Anything loaded after the bot takes the snapshot loses its ability to be indexed in Google.

If you have many different products, and they are loaded continuously without stopping, users can get confused and end up not buying anything. It will be difficult for them to find the products they liked before.

This type of pagination is appropriate for social networks or mobile applications. They are also suitable for blogs.

Infinite scroll


  • It’s easier than switching pages or loading more results
  • Users stay longer on the site because continuous content makes them stay and see more. It is why it is sometimes difficult for you to leave social networks
  • Very intuitive kind of pagination


  • Bad for SEO
  • It’s hard to find a product you like
  • It is difficult, almost impossible, to reach the footer

To find out which type of pagination is right for you, you must first determine the purpose of your website or application. Understand the needs of your users and take them into account.We at Dreamtech have experience and know how to help you. We will do everything we can to help you succeed. If you are interested in our creative services or web development, you can take a look at what we have to offer. If you have additional questions, contact us or book your appointment for a free consultation.

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