Why use a subdomain for SEO

subdomains for SEO

For your business to be successful, you need to invest in your online presence. The site can bring you many new customers and increase your revenue. It can help your potential customers get the information they need in an easily accessible format, if well structured, with quality and understandable content. As a result, potential customers will trust you more easily. Thus, your investment in a website will lead to a significant increase in your income. In our blog, you can read everything crucial for website development. Now let’s talk about subdomains for SEO.

For a site to be successful, it must have a good design, be easy and convenient to use, invest in SEO, be user-friendly, be safe, be spam-free, etc.

The debate over subdomains and their impact on SEO effectiveness continue to dominate the Internet. While subdomain proponents point to their many SEO benefits, skeptics are very critical, instead emphasizing the detrimental effects they can have on SEO efforts. In this blog post, you will find out if you need to use subdomains and everything crucial for them.

subdomain for SEO

What is a subdomain?

The subdomain is a child domain of the main domain. Subdomains are created to organize and navigate to different sections of a website, which can be extensive in content or different in the subject matter. You can create multiple subdomains under your primary domain. They are treated as separate units but are linked together on the same site.

Why use a subdomain?

Better on-site experience

Using a subdomain means that you can provide a different user experience to your main website. Your subdomain is usually an extension of your main website when you want to further research a specific topic, but you don’t want that information on your main website.

This way of organizing the content of your website makes it easier for your users to find the information they want. It gives you a better on-site experience, which means a higher ranking on the search engine results page (SERP).

Creating a dedicated subdomain can help you earn better keyword rankings. It is because it makes the site easier to navigate. Difficulty navigating a site is one of the most common complaints of users.

better UX with subdomain for SEO

Subdomains can insert keywords into URLs

Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to enter certain keywords in your primary URL. But with subdomains, you have another chance to insert hard-to-rank keywords into your domain. It will never be bad for your ranking. It will improve it.

Creating different websites for different international markets

Subdomains can be used to create individual web pages targeted to specific countries and regions. It is great if you work in international markets and the content and language of your site need to be customized for each country. Users can surf their native language, which provides a much better user experience. It can be a cheaper approach than a multilingual site.

different websites for different international markets

It helps increase credibility in niche markets

Subdomains are created to be more niche, to target markets that the main website may miss. It can be a great SEO tactic for businesses that want to increase their credibility in these niche markets.

To create a separate blog or e-commerce store

If you have a large blog full of content or want to present a different design, then the flexibility of the subdomain can be useful.

Similarly, you may want to move your e-commerce store to a subdomain. Maybe the purpose of your main site is not to make sales, or you have a lot of traffic in the store, slowing down the rest of your pages. In this case, switching to a subdomain will help provide a smoother experience for users visiting your main site, while making your e-commerce store more accessible and easily recognizable.

SEO subdomains for e-commerce and blog pages

You can create mobile-friendly subdomains

Google gives priority to mobile-friendly sites, so many websites that are typically designed for PC use have created user-friendly mobile subdomains.

These subdomains work in conjunction with their primary domain but include mobile-friendly content that works well on all devices.
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