How we got an e-commerce store with more than 300 products to load in under 2 secs

Elucha x Dreamtech

1.8s Load Time

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Executive Summary

Elucha’s old site had many problems and was loading very slowly. We’ve improved their site and fixed any mistakes. It now loads in less than 2 seconds, while it used to load in more than 10 seconds. It brought them a lot of losses and dissatisfied customers. We’ve improved their site and conversions, which has increased their earnings.

The Challenges

The problems on the site were not insignificant. The biggest of which was the slow loading. It was a big challenge, but thanks to the skills of our team, we managed to solve it. Because the site was loading for so long, the user experience was insufficient. Users did not stay long on the site and rarely purchased anything. Their conversions needed to improve. It was crucial to continue to support the site, and we managed to do it with our website care service.

About the Client

Elucha is a well-established textile manufacturing firm in El Salvador, the center of Central America. They specialize in high-end quality wrestling apparel and clothes, including wrestling masks, long tights, baggy shorts, kick pads, knee pads, custom-made, and more. Elucha is a direct manufacturer, which explains why its prices are so affordable. They use the finest materials imported from the United States and Japan to ensure that your garment(s) meet your standards, look good for a long time, and are stitched to a high quality.
Asparuh and his tema provide excellent customer service, He is very knowledgable in his field. One of the best developers I worked with, excellent communication, gets the job done fast and accurate, He is open to changes and new ideas and takes measures to make sure the job gets done to customers request. We were so impressed with his work and team that we decided to a long-term relationship with Asparuh and his team. 100% recommended.

Chris U.


We always start with an analysis of the website and its statistics. Our main goal was to reduce the loading time of the website. The dropout rate was very high on the home page precisely because of the slow load. All errors had to be cleared and the problems throughout the site corrected. So we managed to reduce the charging time from 10 seconds to 2 seconds. It also reduced the dropout rate and increased conversions. We have improved the overall user experience. It is how we managed to increase Elucha’s revenues. Through website care, we maintain the site and eliminate errors that occur.


The results were very good thanks to the skills of our team. We managed to achieve the desired results with their help. They did a brilliant job of fixing the problems and improving the site. They managed to increase the speed of the website, and thanks to them, it now loads in less than 2 seconds, while before, it loaded in over 10. It helped the user experience and increased conversions. We reduced the dropout rate and led to more profits. Our customers were more than happy because we improved their site, raised brand awareness, and increased their revenue. Thanks to us, they turn more and more visitors into potential customers.

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