How Google Ads Algorithm Works?

Understanding how the Google Ads algorithm works is vital to every advertiser to know the strategies that they need to do to achieve their goal.
how google ads algorithm works

In the fast-paced world of online marketing, Google Ads has emerged as a game-changer for businesses seeking to boost their visibility and attract customers. Think of it as a digital billboard on the busiest highway of the internet, where millions of users are constantly searching for products and services. 

Google Ads helps businesses grab their attention at just the right moment, but here’s the catch: behind this seemingly simple process lies a sophisticated system known as the Google Ads algorithm. This algorithm is like a virtual matchmaker; it pairs businesses and potential clients based on several factors, such as behavior and location.

Understanding how the Google Ads algorithm work can help the business in:

  • Creating data-driven decisions
  • Maximizing ad performance
  • Saving budget on ads
  • Can easily optimize the ads
  • Targeting their ads with precision and reaching a specific audience

Let’s start with how the Google Ads algorithm works.

The Google Ads Auction

Google Ad Auction is the process where the search engine determines the ad to show to the users that is relevant to the search query.

How does Google Ads auction work?

Once the user enters the search query, Google will run all the relevant ads to the particular query and evaluate the ad based on the bid amount and quality score that identifies its position. Quality score involves the relevance of the search context, landing page experience, and ad relevance.

Ad Rank and Quality Score

Ad rank is the metric used by Google to determine the ad position in the search results.

It is measured based on multiple factors, such as:

  • Bid amount – the maximum amount an advertiser is willing to spend for a click.
  • Ad Quality Score – The ad quality score determines the quality and relevance of an ad based on factors like click-through rate, landing page experience, and ad relevance.
  • Ad Extensions and Formats – adding extensions such as site links, callouts, and structured snippets can help to provide additional information and opportunities for the users to engage with the ad.
  • Contextual Factors – search queries, device used, and location can also impact the ranking.
  • Ad Rank Threshold – ensures that only high-quality ads appear on the user’s search results.

Keeping your ad rank and quality score will ensure your spot in the search results. If you keep on doing strategies to improve your quality score, the more that your target audience will see your ad and meet your goal.

Optimization and Targeting

Regularly reviewing and adjusting your Google Ads campaign is crucial in keeping the quality score and ad rank.

To keep your quality score and ensure your spot on the search results, you must review the following:

  • Target Audience adjustments – this is to ensure that your ad is reaching the right people.
  • Ad placements – analyzing where to allocate your placement budget can yield the best results, improve campaign ad efficiency, and maximize ROI.
  • Ad copy – crafting compelling ad copy is the key to driving clicks and conversions.
  • Landing page copy and user experience – The landing page experience plays a crucial role in converting clicks to sales. If the landing page is not well-optimized, it can hinder the overall campaign performance.

Above all else, the key to optimizing and targeting the ad campaign is to know your audience and think as your audience. 

Machine Learning and Smart Bidding

Machine learning is helping advertisers work fast and efficiently through smart bidding strategies, such as the Cost-per-Acquisition, ROAS, and maximizing conversions by automatically adjusting the bids based on real-time data to improve campaign performance.

Smart bidding saves advertisers time while optimizing results and offers flexibility in attaining specific goals. It makes the ad management seamless and more effective.

Some of the benefits of Smart Bidding are:

  • Efficiency -it helps in bidding adjustments to save advertisers time and effort in maximizing campaign performance.
  • Performance Optimization – it can optimize real-time, reacting to changing market conditions and user behavior to drive better results.
  • Data-Driven Decisions – smart bidding relies on extensive data analysis to make bidding decisions informed by historical data and real-time signals.
  • Flexibility – this enables advertisers to choose freely which bidding strategy best aligns with their campaign objectives.

The bottom line of the Google Ads algorithm is providing the best user experience to its audience. When brainstorming and drafting a campaign, relate yourself to your target audience and ask the following questions:

  • If I am the target audience, does the headline provide me with the solutions I need?
  • Does the description give me an overview of solutions they have that are related to what I am looking for?
  • Does the landing page provide complete information and the best user experience?

Why Hire a Digital Agency?

As a business owner, it is understandable that you will have various tasks on your plate to ensure that the operations, sales, and other departments are working hand-in-hand to attain your company’s goal. However, it is also vital to prioritize your online presence and entrust it with experienced experts in boosting your presence online. But why hire an agency instead of outsourcing people and building and inhouse team? Here are some of the advantages:

  • Convenience – no need to worry about how to improve your team’s performance, monitoring their task, and even if they can solve complex issues. The ad agency will do all of that for you.
  • Cost-Efficient – with their expertise, you don’t need to pay several people to solve the issues and boost your online presence. The rate card usually includes several services that will help your brand grow.
  • Expertise – getting overwhelmed in keeping up with the algorithm, budgeting, and other stuff that needs to do? Leave it all to the experts. They will do it on your behalf, and you’ll be surprised how they can meet or even exceed your expectations.

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